In 2014 I joined Google on the Online Partnerships Group. During my 3+ years on OPG I have been able to be the project manager on several projects impacting Google, OPG and our community.   Google I/O 2018:  Production lead for the  Women Techmakers  dinner where the goal was to foster relationships between Google and women in the global developer community. This included managing several vendors and creative agencies on event design, working with Mountain View city officials on permits, timeline of the event including pre and post production, developed marketing strategy to recruit 1000 attendees, managed 20 volunteers and 10 Brand Ambassadors to manage day of logistics.   Women@ Fast Forward Event : Women@ Partnerships group hosted an all day event for 50+ of our top performing women across the partnerships organizations. I managed logistics of the event including agenda, speakers, team activities, evening dinner and key note speaker. In our post-event survey the participants reported a  98% “very satisfied” rate .   OPG Noogler Onboarding Program : In Q1 2017 I was on ambassadorship in Dublin, Ireland working to revamp the OPG Buddy Program. My key objective for the quarter was to bring structure to the Noogler Buddy program (where no structure has previously existed) through a scalable and centralized website that can be utilized by each region. This website is storehouse for materials that provide guidelines, expectations and associated timelines for Nooglers, Buddys and Managers - providing guidance, clarity, consistency and efficiency. My key deliverable was (is) the OPG Noogler Lead Program website that I built on the GrowCMS platform.   Women In Tech Mentorship Program : In the fall of 2015 I met the Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters Bay Area at a volunteer event held at Google. We began talking and I told her about my passion for exposing young girls to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) especially young girls from disadvantage upbringings. Over the next 12 months myself and her team at Big Brothers Big Sisters developed a 9 month program for 20 young girls (age 10-12) from the YWCA in San Jose. We established a program that partnered the young girls with a female Googler. The program meets twice a month and covers various topics like preparing for high school, preparing for college, meeting other women at Google, fields throughout the headquarters along with a field trip to Stanford University. .
 I started working at  Nike, Inc. on the Global Women's Training  team in merchandising as the  Merchandising Coordinator .  In this role I learned the foundations of building a merchandising strategy that truly speaks to the consumer.  This means  understanding your market's needs and wants, yet driving the growth of your business- balancing the art with science.  One project that I spearheaded from conception to market was the creation of the Women's accessory business.  On the women's team we obsessed our consumer, we obsessed her outfit, her daily routine, her life, but Nike was only offering apparel, footwear and limited equipment for her.  We realized she was going to other brands for her accessories. I began working with the design team and product teams to identify what are her 'must haves'. After months of market travel and consumer research we compiled a 10 piece collection of headbands, accessory bags, compression sleeves and socks. I worked with our sales teams to identify key retailers in key markets that would launch our product. Along with our marketing team, I identified key influencers like Serena Williams, Alex Morgan and Skylar Diggs to be our accessories ambassadors as their key game looks already included accessories. These combined efforts brought in  $1M in revenue annually  and now 4 years you can find these products in Nike stores and sports retailers around the world!   When I joined the  Men's Athletic Training  team I was able to leverage my experience on the Women's accessories and establish a men's line of equipment while I managed a  $20M apparel business across 6 global markets . 
 As a bright-eyed and busy-tailed 19 year old, I started working in professional sports.  My first day as an intern at the San Francisco Giants also happened to be my first time watching a professional baseball game. I didn't know what I was doing, but I was dedicated.  My key takeaway from my professional sports internships was that you always needed to be prepared because while a baseball game is pretty predictable with 9 innings, 3 outs, a batter, a pitcher, etc. you don't ever actually know what will happen. So you must always have a plan and a backup plan and a backup plan for the back up plan. What's that saying? Prior planning prevents poor performance.   My internships included:   Oakland Athletics Baseball Club: Community Relations, 2008    Major League Baseball: Special Events, 2007    San Francisco Giants Baseball Club: Game Entertainment and Marketing, 2006    
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